Chris Young Breaks Down During Emotional Performance of New Song, “Drowning”

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Chris Young fans know that the golden-voiced singer has been in the studio working on his next album in between show dates. Well…and fishing. And lucky Opry fans got to hear a bit of one of the new songs on the album when he appeared their recently.

The song is an emotional ballad called “Drowning” and is, extremely personal to Chris. That showed when he became emotional during his performance and couldn’t finish singing.

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But the song is important enough that Chris shared that very intimate moment on his socials, letting fans know just how significant he feels the new song is.

In the video, you can hear his voice very uncharacteristically break as his emotions get the best of him. He turns his back to the audience to compose himself and when he steps back up to the microphone, he apologizes and dabs his eyes. Unable to collect himself, Chris appears to cue the band to wrap it up while the crowd cheers with support for the talented young star.

In the caption, Chris writes, “Last week, I debuted my new tune “Drowning” at the @opry and broke down in the middle of it… since then so many people have shared stories of loved ones lost and how they have connected to this song. I want you guys to have this one, and make it your own, so I’m going to release it this Friday.”

A full-length video of Chris’ performance shows that he the entire performance was obviously emotional for the singer.

Then, at his fan club party during CMA Music Festival, Chris explained that the song was written about one of his best friends.

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“The reason that I got so emotional about it – the reason I wrote this song is because my buddy Adam passed away a few years ago, he would drive over and sit in the parking lot with me because they basically in the contract for Nashville Star said we could film you everywhere but the bathroom,” Chris revealed. “So we were all horrified that they were constantly filming or recording us without our knowledge. The only thing I knew to do was go sit in the parking lot with my buddy Adam. When he passed away I was like, “I’d never really written anything about it until this song.”