Chris Young Looks at the Good Things in Life With New Single, “If That Ain’t God”

Chris Young new single If that aint god
Photo by Matthew Berinato/Monarch Publicity

With his first new music in a year, Chris Young is pulling at our heartstrings with his uplifting new single, “That Ain’t God.”

Written by Young, Matt Roy, Mitchell Oglesby and Greylan James,  “If That Ain’t God” tells the story of God’s hand in the good things that happen in our lives such as, the “red sunset over blue water,” and “everyday you get with your son or daughter.”

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“If that ain’t God, if that ain’t him / If that ain’t the man upstairs somewhere looking down on us again / Don’t it make you wanna pray / don’t it make you wanna live / Oh, if that ain’t God, if that ain’t God, I don’t know what is,” Chris sings in the chorus.

After Chris shared a 56-second clip of the heartwarming tune on social media, the fan response was overwhelming. Enough so, that Chris decided to release the single sooner than expected.

“You hope for that kind of response but honestly so overwhelmingly —so much love from people for that and a song that they hadn’t even heard the whole thing yet,” Chris tells One Country. “So we knew that it was probably going to be something really specially. Now, seeing people ‘s reaction to it even before it’s at radio has just been incredible.”

“If That Ain’t God” is the follow up to Chris’ most recent single, “Drowning,” another powerful single that was inspired by the death of his friend, Adam, who died in a car accident. Both singles are featured on Chris’ upcoming eighth studio album, Raised on Country.

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Chris sat down with One Country‘s Kelly Sutton to talk about his latest release as well as the launch of his new podcast, The Quad with Chris Young.

“It’s been something that I really enjoy,” Chris said about the podcast. “The timing probably could have been better. We started a podcast during quarantine and shutdown and everything else that has happened in twenty twenty about music, movies and sports, so it’s been different trying to navigate that and being able to talk about it. But it’s been a lot of fun.”