Chris Young Really Hates It When You Pretend to Be Him (And Then Try to Scam People)


Don’t try to scam people as Chris Young. He will find you. He will mark you as spam.

It’s not uncommon for people to pretend to be someone famous. Unethical and stupid? Yes. Uncommon? No.

The biggest problem with social media handles is that people can put the word “official” in them without check. What you should always check for — though — is the blue check mark. If an account has been verified by the platform — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — then it has a blue check mark next to the name and you know it’s legit. If it doesn’t, there’s no telling.

Apparently, someone started a fake Chris Young account and was soliciting Chris’ fans to donate to his “foundation.” Uh huh.

So Chris responded with this awesome message: