Classic Country Music: Is There Life Out There


To be completely honest, there’s not a classic country music video I love more than this one. Reba McEntire‘s song, “Is There Life Out There,” is not only an uplifting tale of never giving up on a dream and overcoming adversary, but the video features Huey Lewis and a great scene where Reba and her video-daughter dress up in leather and rhinestones.

In the video, Reba is a mom who works in a diner, while raising kids and going to school. She’s always wondered, “is there more than this?” and she decided there was and went back to school.

We’ve known for a while now that Reba is quite the actress, but we really see what she’s made of at the 2:40 mark. If there were acting achievement awards for classic country music videos, Reba would win every year, because there’s never been anything better. And this video came out in 1992. The song sat the top of the charts for 2 weeks, while imploring women to get out there and not be afraid of going after their dreams– even if they spill some coffee on the way.

The video won video of the year at the 1992 ACM Awards and a movie, based on the video, was released in 1994 with Reba as it’s star.

Image source: Jill Bednar / PR Photos