Cole Swindell Debuts New Single “Love You Too Late” On “Dancing With the Stars” [Watch]


Cole Swindell was on hand as part of country night during “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday evening (Nov. 5), where the singer made the television debut of his new single “Love You Too Late.” The guitar-driven track has Cole’s wishing he told an ex how much she meant to him before she left.

“She’s out there, rolling down some old interstate / Wide open, wide open / Couldn’t make her stay / Probably cranking up some new freedom song / Wide open, wide open / Won’t pick up the phone / While I’m dying here tonight / Staring goodbye in the face / Saying ‘I love you’ too late,” he sings on the song’s chorus.

The second single off his third studio album, “All of It,” he performed the song full of regret while two professional dancers spun around the dance floor giving added meaning to the heartbreak ballad.

“Love You Too Late” was written by Cole, Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney. It is the second single off his latest album and the follow-up to his 8th career No. 1 single, “Break Up In The End.”

Cole was far from the only country act featured on the episode of “Dancing With the Stars.” He was joined by additional performances by Lanco, Carly Pearce and Lauren Alaina, all of whom performed their singles. While Lanco sang their hit “Born To Love You,” Carly sang her No. 1 single “Every Little Thing” while Lauren performed “Ladies In the 90s.” Chris Janson was also on the dancing competition and covered Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”