Cole Swindell Releases Fifth Installment of Down Home EPs and Romantic Video

Cole Swindell releases down home EP video
Photo by © JPA / AFF-USA.COM

Cole Swindell is a music machine! In addition to his three full-length albums, including 2018’s All of It, the Georgia native has dropped four EPs in his Down Home series.

Make that five.

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Almost two years after his last Down Home EP, Cole has released another collection of songs that are quintessentially on brand, which makes sense. The award-winning songwriter co-wrote all of the tracks on the project.

“Drinkin’ Hours” represents those chest-thumping, cup-in-the-air sing-alongs that serve as a rallying cry for the party crowd, while “All Nighter” suggests a much more intimate type of affair, spotlighting the singer’s sexier side. “Down to Earth,” showcases Cole and producer Michael Carter’s ability to set a dreamy, head-over-heels love story to a toe-tapping groove and “Right Where I Left It” is the kind of pure nostalgia that reminds us of this hard-working country star’s small-town raising. The last track on the project, “No One Rocks Mine,” feels a bit more reflective of where Cole might currently be in his life now. After years of work as a touring musician, it might be nice to have something that rivals the road.

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He drives that message even further home with the release of the companion video for “No One Rocks Mine.” Shot in black-and-white, the footage follows the talented and handsome country star as he navigates his sometimes lonely life on the road. And even with the happy ending that the video offers, the singer admits in a recent tweet: “Being on the road comes with challenges, but it’s worth it.”

There are a lot of reasons that Cole has the lasting career and loyal fanbase that he has. In the six years since he released his debut single, “Chillin’ It,” he has grown with his fans, allowing his music to evolve gradually and naturally.

Well done, Cole.