Cole Swindell’s Hard Driving Hit “Love You Too Late” Hits the Gas in New Video


When Cole Swindell and his team sat down to discuss a video treatment for his newest release, “Love You Too Late,” it would seem there was a commitment to match the intensity of the hard- driving single.

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And they blew it wide open…wide open.

The mostly minimalistic video utilized well-chosen locations and lighting to add dimension and texture to this piece which focuses on Cole as both performer and jilted lover. From an amber- tinged tunnel, to a foggy parking lot, he pleads with the Danica Patrick lookalike who turns a few well-executed donuts around the singer in her hot rod before leaving him in a cloud of smoke, tearing up the streets and highways as fast as she can.

While it seems as if they may reunite, it’s an illusion and Cole is left alone.

With relatively simple settings, but clever camera work, careful planning and thoughtful set-ups, the lyric of “Love You Too Late” becomes even more expressive than the song already is on its own.

She’s out there rolling down some old interstate  / Wide open, wide open, couldn’t make her stay  / Probably cranking up some new freedom song  / Wide open, wide open, won’t pick up the phone  / While I’m dying here tonight  / Staring goodbye in the face  / Saying I love you too late  / Too late,” he sings in the chorus.

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“Love You Too Late” is the second single from Cole’s third full-length studio album, All of It. He co-wrote the rising hit with Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney. Fans can also hear him perform it live on the road on Luke Bryan’s Sunset Repeat Tour or at one of his own fair and festival dates.