Cole Swindell Reveals Album Cover, New Video and Track Listing for “All Of It”

Cole Swindell performing
Photo by Donn Jones / CMA

It’s been a month since Cole Swindell announced his upcoming third studio album, All of It, and now the Georgia native is sharing some more details from the project.

Cole has revealed the cover of the album, which shows the singer sporting a bomber jacket and his infectious smile.  In addition to the cover, Cole is sharing the track listing which includes his current single  “Break Up In The End,”  along with previously released instant downloads of “Somebody’s Been Drinkin’,” “The Ones Who Got Me Here,” “Reason To Drink,” and “Love You Too Late,” which was released today with a new video.

“I have been so excited about releasing the music for my third album and my fans have been so patient with me while I took the time needed to make it right that I had to give them something,” said Cole.

Cole will officially launch the album on August 17 with a performance at Rockefeller Center in New York City as part of NBC’s Citi Concert Series on “TODAY.” In the meantime, fans can pre order All Of It here.

Cole Swindell album cover

All of It Track Listing:

1. “Love You Too Late”- (Cole Swindell, Michael Carter, Brandon Kinney)
2. “All of It” – (Bobby Pinson, Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman)
3. “Somebody’s Been Drinkin’” – (Brent Anderson, Lynn Hutton, Hunter Phelps)
4. “Sounded Good Last Night” – (Michael Carter, Shane Minor, Chase McGill, Cole Taylor)
5. “Break Up in the End” – (Jon Nite, Chase McGill, Jessie Jo Dillon)
6. “I’ll Be Your Small Town” – (Cole Swindell, Cole Taylor, Chase McGill)
7. “The Ones Who Got Me Here” – (Cole Swindell, Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure)
8. “20 in a Chevy” – (Cole Swindell, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)
9. “Reason to Drink” – (Cole Swindell, Michael Carter, Brandon Kinney)
10. “Her” – (Matt Jenkins, Ashley Gorley, Chase McGill, Wade Kirby, Phil O’Donnell)
11. “Both Sides of The Mississippi” – (Matt Jenkins, Ben Hayslip, J.T. Harding)
12. “Dad’s Old Number” – (Jessi Alexander, Chase McGill)