[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 5: Saying No to Celebrities, What You’d Let a Celebrity Do for You and More

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A couple of weeks ago, Carrie Underwood called up the Nashville Predators before a home playoff game and asked to sing the National Anthem. Since then, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood have been asked to sing. This series of events caused the Preds’ “regular” National Anthem singer, Dennis K. Morgan, to reach out to the media and air his disdain for these decisions.

During this episode of the podcast, we discuss all the things celebrities should be allowed to do if they ask to do it.

Also, the Predators have at least two more, if not three more National Anthem opportunities for singers during the Stanley Cup Finals.

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