15 Country Music Christmas Album Covers That Are Pretty Hilarious


Christmas music is a tough sell. For one, most Christmas songs have been around for eons and they’re hard to replicate. Then, you’ve got artists trying to do original Christmas music and you’re like– stick to the classics. It’s a very tough space to win in.

Even harder than getting the music right on a Christmas album, is getting the actual album artwork right– you want people to know it’s Christmas music, but you don’t want it to be cheesy. Unfortunately, some of our favorite country artists didn’t nail their Christmas album cover art.

15 Country Music Christmas Album Covers That Are Pretty Hilarious:

1. Garth Brooks & the magic of Christmas

Not only is the title of this album odd, but if Garth is holding the magic of Christmas in his hands, I’m worried about Christmas. He is making me feel like there’s nothing too magical about Christmas.

2. A Travis Tritt Christmas: Loving Time of the Year

Another doozie of a title– Christmas should be simple. But, this is anything but. Also, there’s a cartoon band with a dog on this album cover, plus a real Travis Tritt? All of the things are happening here.

3. Clint Black // Looking for Christmas

Poor Clint just out in the snow look for Christmas by the glow of one small candle. Do you think he found it? Why a candle instead of a flashlight? What about a map? Or perhaps, a calendar?

4. Christmas with Ronnie Milsap

At first glance Christmas with Ronnie Milsap looks like a blast. But, the second, third, fourth and 27th glances offer different opinions.

5. Kenny Chesney // All I Want For Christmas Is a Real Good Tan

Smile, Kenny. It’s Christmas.

6. Dolly Parton // Home For Christmas

Here’s the thing– I know there aren’t any horses just out of frame and I don’t like that.

7. Joe Diffie // Mr. Christmas

I want this to be a Hallmark movie so bad– “Joe Diffie is Mr. Christmas, this Saturday at 8.”

8. Lee Greenwood // Christmas to Christmas

Lee Greenwood wants you to have a sexy Christmas. And that fire is fake.

9. George Strait // Merry Christmas Strait to You!

Hard to believe that George let them put an exclamation point in the album title, but he also let them dress him up like a present, so– you think you know someone.

10. Toby Keith // Classic Christmas

This is anything but classic.

11. The Statler Brothers // Christmas Card

Now this is a sleigh! And those guys are having fun. I am worried about that dog though .

12. Trisha Yearwood // The Sweetest Gift

I’m intrigued to know about this sweet gift Trisha has, because her look is telling me it’s not all that sweet.

13. Christmas Time with the Judds

Okay, have I been missing out all these years? Should I be spending more time in sleighs?

14. Alan Jackson // Honky Tonk Christmas

“Okay, Alan, just put some gloves on. It’ll look like Christmas.”

15. Vince Gill // Let There Be Peace on Earth

“Hey, this artwork looks a lot like Alan’s doesn’t it?”

“Are you crazy? He was wearing gloves and had a six-point star. This is much different.”