11 Country Music Hits That Would Be Awkwardly Hilarious To See Figure Skaters Use During the Olympics


For the first time in the history of the Olympics Games, this year in, in Pyeongchang figure skaters— pair or individuals– can use songs with lyrics in their routines. Of course, people will still be boring us with “Swan Lake,” but someone is also bound to skate to Justin Bieber.

So, all of this has me thinking– what if someone was looking for a country music song to skate to, but they really needed to be able to play up the movements and the lyrics?

Well, that’s what I’m here for. And this is a free consultation, any figure skaters opting to take my advice and my choreography is welcome to it!

11 Country Music Hits That Would Be Awkwardly Hilarious To See Figure Skaters Use During the Olympics:

1. “Country Girl Shake It For Me”

Ideally, this is would go with a pair. The man just chases the woman around the ice, as she shakes it. Difficulty level is probably low, but the entertainment value is very high.

2. “Boys ‘Round Here”

Oh, I can see it now. And you get some dance moves from The Dougie, too.

3. “Body Like A Back Road”

The imagery here would really draw the judges in– curves, differing speeds– so good.

4. “Smooth”

The frog croaks would really win some of those Eastern European hardasses over.

5. “Crash and Burn”

This could be a joke routine and all the skater does is crash. And burn. Usually works on YouTube.

6. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”

Another pairs routine, but this time around the woman does all the heavy lifting. If she can get her male partner over her head– perfect 10 every time.

7. “Redneck Woman”

Can’t stop thinking about this one. The costume ideas are endless.

8. “Turn, Turn, Turn”

The more turns, the more points, right? Boom.

9. “Fancy”

Imagine a skater wearing that infamous red dress and throwing a locket with the words, “to thine own self be true at the judges.”

10. “Turn It Loose”

You don’t need my help on this one– skate fast, jump high and turn it loose.

11. “The Champion”

If you’re trying to make a point, subliminal messaging can’t hurt.