Country Music Stars Show Off Their Basketball Skills

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With the Final Four upon us, it’s necessary to take a look at some of favorite stars shoot some hoops– or attempt to shoot some hoops. Or wear a jersey.

Luke Bryan likes to shoot hoops and spin the ball on his finger in his downtime.

Watching Faith Hill and Tim McGraw playing 1-on-1 is one of the better things I’ve ever seen.

Before Willie Nelson was on the road (again), he was a baller!

During Garth Brooks‘ current world tour, he takes one morning to host a camp for kids, which connects them pro athletes.

Darius Rucker is more of a football and golf guy, but he fills out a bracket like the rest of us. Unlike the rest of us, he also sang at the Final Four once.

Taylor Swift can write a song, but her dribbling skills aren’t quite GRAMMY-worthy.

Kenny Chesney is definitely a football guy, so maybe that’s why this game between him and his crew looks so boring.

Image Source: Kenny Chesney, Twitter, Yearbook Portal