Kane Brown is a Doll in His Latest Lyric Video for “Short Skirt Weather” —Literally


Kane Brown is having a bit of fun with the lyric video for his latest single, “Short Skirt Weather.”

The latest single has Kane is gushing about his baby be made for short skirt weather. Written by Kane, Chase McGill and Will Weatherly, the new tune has the Texas native still holding on to summer, even thought the fall months are upon us.

In the lyric video, Kane and his friends are replaced by, Barbie Dolls. That’s right. The whole video is shot using male and female dolls, adding to the fun of the light-hearted song.

Two car loads of ladies drive past Kane and his pals as they head to the pool for a summer day. As the night approaches, a concert breaks out and Kane and some of the ladies are on stage performing. The tongue in check video fits the vibe of the song, keeping the message light.

We have to admit, it sure is a different take on a lyric video.