How To Make Ice Water


Water is something we just can’t get enough of. We’re designed to love it, but our bodies need so much of it that drinking it becomes such a chore. You turn on the tap, look distastefully at the lukewarm tap water, and take a sip, but it can’t fill the emptiness inside of you.

Everyone else around you carts around jugs, drinking happily without a complaint in the world. You glare at your Crossfit friends who seem able to consume gallons before you’ve even had a glass. What’s their secret?

Well, probably this incredible ice water recipe. This recipe is guaranteed to revolutionize your life and become a staple of your kitchen. Check it out and never thirst again.


  • Few scoops of frozen water cubes
  • 8-12 Oz. Liquid water
  • Lemon for garnish (optional)


Fill glass of your choice with frozen water cubes. Carefully add 8-12 oz. of liquid water. Garnish with lemon, serve, and enjoy!