5 Songs That Will Get You Ready For Fall


Like it or not, the Summer season is officially over. At 4:02 p.m. EDT on Sept. 22, we officially begin the Fall season. Apparently, no one told the weather in most parts of the country, but trust me, it’s coming.

In honor of saying goodbye to the summer heat and welcoming in the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather and bulkier sweaters, I’ve selected 5 country songs that will help you get ready for the change of season.

Whether you are looking forward to the cool weather or mourning the end of warm weather, music will get you through. Just relax, get yourself a warm glass of something strong and belly up to a blazing fire as we usher in the Fall season with these autumnal tunes.

(Tip: You might want to wait until the weather gets a bit cooler…just sayin.’)

5 Songs That Will Get You Ready For Fall:

5. Keith Urban // “Til Summer Comes Around”

Not all songs are celebrate Fall. Urban’s song actually mourns the loss of summer and the relationship it brought, only to long for it’s arrival again. Many of us can relate to that. Sorry Fall.

4. Lorrie Morgan // “Autumn’s Not That Cold”

It says it all in the title. The song may be about moving on from a relationship, but it’s vivid descriptions of Autumn makes the change of season look pretty darn good.

3. George Strait // “The Chill of An Early Fall

It’s George Strait… enough said.

2. Kenny Chesney // “The Boys of Fall”

Nothing says Fall like football. Kenny Chesney’s tribute to the boys that play will get you in the mood for those chilly Sunday afternoons cuddled up on the couch with that special someone.

1. Luke Bryan // “Harvest Time”

Luke Bryan started as a peanut farmer, so he knows that come Fall, it’s harvest time. The lyrics, “There’s peanut dust and corn husk drifting through the air tonight, The marching band’s warming up under the football lights,” paints the picture of a perfect Fall.