5 Country Stars Have No Clue What British Slang Words Mean


We Southerners have a funny way of talkin’, bit it ain’t nothin’ compared to our allies across the pond. It’s not just the accents either. Their slang is very unusual, and sometimes sounds inappropriate or ridiculous. Cassadee Pope, Hunter Hayes, Bailey Bryan, and Cam don’t know a lot of British slang, but that didn’t stop them from trying to figure out words like bung, codswallop, or budge-up.

Their Southern charm is what primarily shines in this video. They are too polite to say what they are really thinking, so mostly try to clean up or laugh their way through the answers. Cassadee probably has the best answer in the whole video.

As in “This cod is swaddled like baby Jesus.” Or “Who swaddled this cod?”

Excellent use of deductive reasoning and linguistic clues, Cassadee, but sadly and desperately wrong. But don’t sweat it, you’re a Southern lady with no real need to speak Cockney slang. I’d like to see how well Brits would do figuring out Southern phrases like “over yonder,” “persnickety,” and “cattywampus.” That is, if they had the mind or gumption to try.