Brett Eldredge, RaeLynn, Garth & Trisha and More Reveal Their Plans For Christmas

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With Christmas only 6 days away, country artists are preparing to shutdown and spend some quality time with family. After all, they are on the road for hundreds of days a year and even they need a break to enjoy the holidays.

We talked to some of your favorite artists before they departed for home to find out just what they may be doing during their Christmas break this year. See how Garth Brooks, Brett Eldredge, RaeLynn and others are going to celebrate their Christmas.

Garth Brooks
Try to remember this is after a three year tour, so I’m gonna think we might sleep through Christmas to tell you the truth. I don’t know what’s going on, I just know that the good Lord willing I’ll be with her and I’ll be with my three babies, that’s the main thing.

Brett Eldredge
Every holiday I go up in the choir loft—ever since I was a kid—I go up and I sing ‘O Holy Night.’ I look down at my family and I think ‘Wow, how fast did this year go?’ It’s crazy but, you know, I have my whole family in my hometown in Paris, Illinois, and it’s just a special feeling. It’s a great way to end the year.

Carly Pearce
I have a week and a half off and I am so excited. I have been burning it since February. I have a really small family, just my parents and I. They live in Alabama and I’m gonna go hang out and hang out with my animals and cook with my mom and lay in yoga pants and not touch a fake eyelash for an entire week and a half.

Tracy Lawrence
That’s usually my down time. I’ve never worked during Christmas. I shutdown til the end of Jan. We take a vacation and just do family things. I don’t know if we’re talking about going to spend Christmas with my mom and seeing some family.

Granger Smith
I told my wife last year, because the last few years we’ve done the remote Christmas where we go and travel to the different families. I told her last year, I said, “This coming year we’re not gonna go anywhere,” we’re gonna have the home alone Christmas where everyone piles in the house and sleeps everywhere, and it’s just chaos. We’re gonna try and do that.

Kelleigh Bannen
I grew up in Nashville, so my family is here. We just keep it really quite on Christmas. We do Christmas Eve together and we always open Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. Then we usually have a really simple dinner. Christmas morning I go over to my mom’s house first thing in the morning and we make a fire and we have coffee and catch up and sit together in the quiet hours before everyone else gets up and then my husband comes over and meets us. It’s pretty low key.

This year my husband and I are going down to Georgia to spend time with his family. It’s a family tradition of theirs to wear matching PJ’s on Christmas Eve and have a big dinner. It’s always a blast!

Jerrod Niemann
I think my brother has been putting together a ski trip for months now, but I think after Christmas. We went when we were really young. The closest place to ski was actually Red River, New Mexico, which certainly isn’t the most glamorous, but we have a bunch of great memories there and that’s where he’s wanting to take his boys. So I think I’m going to go rock that out.

Hunter Hayes
This Christmas, I’m really excited to go home to Louisiana and get some more quality time with my grandparents who I don’t get to see nearly enough. It’s always great getting home and remembering the beautiful place and the awesome people who made me who I am and encouraged me to keep making music.

Danielle Bradbery
I’m going back home to Texas. All my family is still there. I love going back home for the holidays so I’ll be at home spending it with family.

Trisha Yearwood
Our last show is the 23rd, so we’re going to sleep in. We’re going to probably celebrate Christmas with our families after Christmas. We’re just probably honestly take it easy. It’ll be the first Christmas we’ve actually— it’ll probably just be the two of us for a couple of days and then we’ll see our families.