A Bunch Of Country Stars Wore Their Own Clothes For That GQ Style Article

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Country stars have a style all to themselves. While a lot of the young artists today are stylish in the same way as everyone else, the stars of the 90’s and traditionalists of today hold on to the embroidered blazers, fancy boots, and bolo ties of the past. GQ highlighted that style in an article titled “The Sultans of Twang” featuring Alan Jackson, Alison Krauss, Randy Jackson, Chris Stapleton, and many others. The most surprising part is how many stars brought their own clothes to the photoshoot.

If anything, the photoset showed off the confidence of country artists who are making their own way while honoring the past. Alan Jackson really stood out wearing clothes he had custom made. The legend knows what he likes, especially when it comes to boots. He even has a pair made to waterski in for the “Chatahoochie” music video.


Alan Jackson


Man, you better believe those are his clothes! And, no, he won’t smile. What a boss.

Chris and Morgane Stapleton


Classic Stapletons

Alison Krauss


She brought her own jewlery