Craig Campbell Asks Kids What They Think Heaven Is (and It’s Just as Adorable as You’d Imagine)


Inspired by the subject of his new song “Outskirts of Heaven,” country artist Craig Campbell based his accompanying video on the purest opinions on what Heaven will be — the opinions of children.

In a video entitled “Heaven: According To Kids,” we see the uninhibited, imaginative, optimistic minds of children as they share what they think Heaven will be like. Their answers range from the traditional vision of “pearly gates,” to more imaginative dreams of “jumping on clouds” and “doing cannonballs in the sky” but all their opinions of what Heaven will be like are magical and adorable.

Be prepared to smile ear to ear.

Heaven: According To KidsWe asked the kids what their idea of Heaven is… What’s yours?
Posted by Craig Campbell on Monday, March 21, 2016