Craig Morgan’s Timely Gratitune, “The Mask,” Was Written Ahead of its Time [Listen]

Craig Morgan lyric video for sippin on the simple life
Photo by Nate Griffin/Monarch Publicity

Masks may be a hot button topic right now, but when Craig Morgan penned his song, “The Mask,” he wasn’t referring to what we now call PPE. He wasn’t making a political statement or making reference to something that has become a part of a pandemic vernacular. But in a lot of ways, the message of “The Mask” makes a connection in these trying times. Perhaps that’s why it is so appropriate for Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Gratitunes.

Gratitunes is a nationwide music platform created to celebrate those brave members of the VUMC family who are caring for those affected by COVID-19.

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Craig performed “The Mask” recently and explained that even though the song was written before the coronavirus pandemic took over our news feed, it was relevant today, especially for a healthcare heroes. The lyrics aren’t about a literal face mask, but instead are about the metaphorical mask that many of us wear to conceal our worries, fears, anxiety and anger.

They say you’ve got so much going on / But in this crowd I’m still alone / But they don’t know ‘cause I hold my head up high / There’s time I can’t get out of bed / I’m going round and round inside my head / That’s when I slip it on, so I can hide,” Craig sings.

Craig debuted “The Mask” during an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, but the song is also part of his newest album release, God, Family, Country, which also includes the incredibly poignant, “The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost.”