Dan + Shay’s Dan Smyers Takes a Spill on Stage and Keeps on Dancing

Dan + Shay Instagram / @danandshay

We’ve seen it before. An artist is getting into their performance on stage and suddenly goes down. It never gets old. Well, add Dan+Shay to the list of artists taking a spill on stage in front of thousands of fans. Actually, just Dan Smyers.

During Dan+ Shay’s performance of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”  in Sacramento, Dan was running on stage behind Shay and all of sudden he takes a fall on his backside. The best part about the fall is he gets right back up and continues singing and dancing around. That’s impressive.

Dan took to Twitter in search of some footage and guess what? He got it.

“SACRAMENTO THAT WAS UNREAL. Please tell me someone go a video of me eating s— on the stage,” he wrote.

Ask and you shall receive. Fan Abrey Lohser, @aclohser, stepped up to the plate and Tweeted Dan right back with a close up view.

Dan responded by saying “OMG THIS IS EVERYTHING.”

Dan then received the video in slo mo and was very happy about it.

“Holy S— Slow Mo,” Dan said retweeting the video.

We’re just glad Dan wasn’t hurt and was able to keep on dancing.