Dan + Shay are Electrifying in New Video for “Alone Together”


Neon lights just seem to be synonymous with country music, don’t they? Whether they’re
glowing, flickering or out of gas, they tend to just make us feel like cracking a cold Corona when
we hear them in a lyric. Thanks for the suggestion, and for the neon, Dan + Shay.

The incredible duo, who has been lighting up country music for over five years, has just
released a new video for the song “Alone Together” from their upcoming self-titled record and it
is positively electric!

Set against stark backgrounds of black or white, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney utilize very few
props in the piece, but it comes alive as flashes of neon-infused color infiltrate the backdrop and
punctuate their movements, snaps and gestures.

Clever production and creative design adds in additional props, including bottles, limes, cars, instruments, and even a old-school microphone, giving the video an added energy and fun factor.

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Of course, a music video can only be as good as the song that it supports and it sounds like
Dan + Shay may have one of the hottest anthems for the summer of 2018.

Groovy, happy, hopeful, and dotted with references to cold adult beverages and hot adult romance, “Alone Together” doesn’t sonically sound like previous go-to high humidity hits, but it’s toe-tapping
goodness and sing-along-ability meets all the criteria for beachbound beats. In fact, it’s hard to
listen to it and not want to pile your squad into a ragtop and barrel down the interstate singing so
loud your eyeballs hurt.

It’s time. It’s time for this deserving duo to be recognized for the great music and substantial
contribution they’re making to contemporary country music.

Their new album, Dan + Shay, which includes “Alone Together,” is set to drop on June 22 but is
available for pre-order at your favorite digital retail outlet. And tune into the CMT Awards on
June 6 to see Dan + Shay perform live.