If You’ve Been Thinking, Drinking or Singing About Tequila Lately– Blame Dan + Shay


If you’ve been thinking about tequila a lot more than usual lately– you aren’t alone and you probably don’t have a drinkin’ problem. The onslaught of all-consuming tequila thoughts can be blamed on Dan + Shay, or more accurately– Dan Smyers, Nicolle Galyon and Jordan Reynolds, who co-wrote the duo’s current single, “Tequila.

To date, the single is the fastest-gaining tune of the duo’s career, far surpassing the much-talked-about “From The Ground Up,” released in 2016. The wave of support is coming from both critics and fans alike, mostly because country music doesn’t get a lot of hardcore ballads disguised as drinking songs these days.

“When we wrote the song, tequila is our drink of choice, but Jordan Reynolds was like, ‘what if we wrote a song called ‘Tequila’? And originally, I think he thought it would be a fun party song, but I was like, ‘what if we spin it and make it a heartbreak, relationship thing? Kind of what we do best,'” Smyers told me about the tune.

“Senses are so nostalgic– a smell or a taste will take you right back to where you were. And tequila, for better or worse, you have had an experience with tequila that can take you right back to a specific place. And we just decided this could be a really cool, nostalgic reflective thing, so we got really descriptive with the lyrics and put a lot of visuals in and I think that’s what people have really connected with.”

For the most part, Smyers says two of the lyrics that seem to have resonated with fans the most are “cutting up the floor in a sorority t-shirt” and “sky high in Colorado.” And for the record, it is “sorority t-shirt” and not “Serotta t-shirt.” Serotta is actually a bike company hoping to challenge the past and respect the future (whatever that means in terms of cycling).

Smyers also said he and Mooney can sense the movement behind the song like never before. They’ve only sung it live once, but Instagram and YouTube are already littered with fan videos of the performance.

Smyers and Mooney are currently in the studio finishing their third album and are working to make sure the rest of the album lives up to “Tequila,” especially when it comes to Mooney’s vocals. “We’re trying to focus on his voice. I think he’s the best singer in country music, let’s just figure out how to have great songs and resonate, but also really showcase Shay’s vocals. That voice is just insane and impressive.”

“Tequila” is available now on all digital platforms.

Bonus! The guys also picked out a playlist for the weekend for us! Take a listen!

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