Danielle Bradbery Shows The World She’s “Worth It” With New Release


Danielle Bradbery has definitely grown-up since we first her met her four years ago as the 17-year-old season 4 winner of “The Voice.” The now 21-year-old has taken some time to figure out who she is and is showing that new side on her upcoming sophomore album, I Don’t Believe We Met.

“I’m getting to be a writer on these songs,” Danielle tells One Country. “On the debut album I wasn’t. I found out writing, you are in it, that’s you. I love that, and I love talking about real situations and stories. That’s what my album is, just a lot of honesty and about life. I took real situations that were happening to me and I wrote about it. I love when people relate to each other. I want a lot of people to know that you’re not alone.”

Prior to the release of her new album on Dec. 1, Danielle has been slowly releasing various tracks, including “Sway” and “Potential,” to give fans a taste of what they can expect from the more mature singer.

“My sound is a little bit more on the R&B side. It’s not all the way country,” she adds. “I grew up listening to so may different genres of music, I want to just sprinkle a little bit in there. At 16 or 17 you don’t know who you are. So I was trying to figure out who I was as a person and what my style was going to be, I wanted to dye my hair and all this stuff. Not only that, I had to figure out who this person was going to be as an artist. ‘The Voice’ was a kind of that boot camp start for me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for “The Voice,’ but there’s a lot of growing up to do.”

With her latest release, “Worth It,” written by Bradbery, Molly Reed and Jeff Pardo, the Texas native is relaying a powerful message about self worth. The song, about standing up to a boyfriend, who doesn’t necessarily treat her the way she needs to be treated, musically transports Danielle to the next level, proving the 21-year-old is a force to be reckoned with.

Don’t tell me I’m too hard to please
That you’re worn down from fighting for me
A real man knows what he’s signing up for
And if you don’t, then I’ll show myself the door
I’m worth it

“‘Worth It’ is one of my favorite tracks on I Don’t Believe We’ve Met,” said Bradbery. “It represents everything I’m trying to say with this album. I am here, this is the real me, and I’m worth speaking up. Whether it’s in my personal life, or this time around getting a say in the creative process– this song definitely represents a transformative time of life for me. It’s the perfect song to leave fans with before the whole album comes out!”

It’s so very nice to meet you Danielle Bradbery.