Darius Rucker Admits He Really Likes $2 Wine And Calls Kid Rock “Bob” While Talking To Megyn Kelly


Darius Rucker is living his dream. Ever since he was a kid, all he wanted to do was sing. He has gotten to live that dream twice in 90’s pop music and currently in country music. In a conversation with Megyn Kelly, Rucker had a chance to talk about his blessed life: his time with Hootie and the Blowfish, the strong women who inspire his music, and his abiding love for $2 wine.

What was most interesting, even though it was a throw away comment, was when Rucker called Kid Rock “Bob.” Sure, I knew that his name wasn’t “Kid” but it’s just weird to think about grilling burgers with him and saying, “Hey Bob, pass me a beer, pal.” Maybe it’s just me.