Darius Rucker’s Love for the Miami Dolphins is a Little Deeper Than We Ever Realized

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Remember that song Darius Rucker sang with Hootie and the Blowfish? The one where he sings, “I’m such a baby,
‘Cause the dolphins make me cry”? Though Rucker is a thoughtful and sentimental guy he wasn’t singing about the animal and what happens when he sees one swimming freely in the ocean.

No, he was singing about the Miami Dolphins. Rucker has been loving the Dolphins for a long, long time.

It’s always been hard to say if Rucker loves the Dolphins or the South Carolina Gamecocks more, but he didn’t name his daughter Carolina. He named her Dani, after his favorite athlete of all-time– Dan Marino. Recently, the two Dans got a photo together and Rucker probably already has it framed somewhere in his house.

Marino is also a big Rucker fan and has been to the Grand Ole Opry to watch him play.