Darius Rucker’s New Song ‘Don’t’ Is all About Love That Lasts

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Country music has a way with words that works contrary to our expectations. Midland doesn’t have a drinking problem, in fact, they’re pretty good at it. Thomas Rhett’s “Marry Me” is anything but a proposal. And Darius Rucker’s new love song “Don’t” isn’t about a couple arguing, it’s a reassurance that he will be there through thick and thin. If his gal ever thinks he might leave, he has one word for her: don’t.

The song is an early release from Rucker’s fifth LP When Was The Last Time, releasing October 20. If you think he might change his country style and become a bit more pop, well, don’t.

“This is country music and that is what I set out to do,” he told Rolling Stone Country. “I set out to make country records; I don’t want to make pop records.” Thank goodness.

Darius, we hope you keep doing what you’re doing.