Darius Rucker Laughs All The Way to the Bank at Twitter Troll

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To beat the trolls you sometimes have to be a troll. You can’t be trolled if you’re trolling too. It’s hard logic to follow, but Darius Rucker gets it.

Hootie and the Blowfish have sold 20 million albums worldwide (to date). Cracked Rear View went Platinum 16 times. As a solo artist, Rucker has seven No. 1 singles and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry. He’s had a pretty nice little career. Despite that, Abbey, on Twitter, thinks Rucker sings the same three notes over and over. On top of that, she thinks they are terrible.

Rucker replied saying, “Those 3 notes have given me one hell of a 25 year career. Thank you for the kindness!! Hahahah.”

Boom. Roasted.