Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and Wife Kelli Put Their Hilarious Quarantine Spin on a Pop Favorite [Watch]


As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, many states are beginning to roll out re-opening plans to begin to restore some normalcy back into life. However, without a definitive nationwide plan, it can be a bit confusing. Thank goodness Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and his wife, Kelli, are taking on re-opening plans in their new parody, “Back to Phase One.”

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Inspired by Brian McKnight’s “Back at One,” Brian sets up the first verse as general information regarding sheltering in place before breaking into the chorus that breaks down each phase of the re-opening by revealing what activities residents are able to participate in following each transition. Kelli takes over on the second verse and chorus, then after the bridge, they combine their glorious voices with a third version of the hilarious…and alarmingly accurate chorus:

One…elective surgeries / Two…salons and mani-pedis / Three…Waffle House and Dairy Queen / Return to full capacity / Four…get to see Kenny Chesney / Five…hug anyone I see / But if we don’t improve what we’ve begun, then we start back at phase at one,” they sing.

For all of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and kitschy video production, it bears mentioning that Dave, the more quiet member of Lady Antebellum, has quite impressive vocals as he soars in the bridge of “Back to Phase One.” Also, he is obviously not the only musically talented member of the Haywood family as we hear Kelli’s rich soprano dance along the melody.

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It almost makes us wish that quarantine wouldn’t end.