Dierks Bentley Shares Hygiene Tips for Seven Peaks Festival


Dierks Bentley is gearing up for his inaugural Seven Peaks Festival taking place in Colorado on Labor Day Weekend, but before he goes, he’s sharing some very important hygiene tips with fans.

Dierks took to Instagram with a much needed video about festival hygiene. “HYGIENE: Why Personal Hygiene Is So Important I A @SevenPeaksFest PSA,” he wrote.

The video begins with Dierks stepping out of a bathroom stall, addressing the audience.

“Hygiene. Let’s talk about hygiene y’all. Seven Peaks—it’s camping, we’re gonna want to make sure we’re not the smelliest one in the group,” Dierks said before sharing some needed products like deoderant, Gold Bond, wipes, etc.

“You never know when these might come in handy for something you got going on,” adds Dierks.

Now, we’ve all been to these multi-day festivals where it’s hot and uncomfortable outside. So by Dierks providing a few tips we should all adhere too, he’s doing a service to help us all. Hygiene is very important to make it through those unbearable hot days.

Keep this in mind when you make your way toColorado for Dierks’ Seven Peaks Festival.