Hot Country Knights Brings the Fun in New Video for “Pick Her Up” Starring Tiffani Thiessen

Dierks Bentley 90s band Hot Country Knights new video for Pick Her up
Photo courtesy Capitol Records

Lucky country music fans who happened to capture the 90s cover band, Hot Country Knights, on tour with Dierks Bentley, may have thought the band was just a novelty or joke. But when the band signed a record deal with Universal Music Group, there was a collective Scooby Doo “Huuuuhhhh” uttered in the country music community. Now Hot Country Knights has released their first single and music video, “Pick Her Up,” featuring Travis Tritt and Tiffani Thiessen, Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell, and fans are learning that this act brings something to the format that has been in short supply lately—fun.

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Doug Douglason (who bears a striking resemblance to Dierks Bentley) and his band, replete in such 90s gear as bootcut jeans, muscle shirts, ripstop neon windbreakers, Oakleys and the obligatory mullet, become the standard by which cool is measured in this fun video. Playing coach to a young man who has just asked Tiffani for a date, the Hot Country Knights attempt to up his game by giving him a complete look, from head-to-toe-to-truck. And as tacky as it may seem, when he picks Tiffani up for their night at the honky-tonk, it’s working for him.

The other thing that is working is the actual song. The Hot Country Knights, with the help of producer Dierks Bentley…hmmmm…have put their spin on the sounds of country music from the 80s and 90s. Gone are clap/snap/tap tracks and drum loops that have become a mainstay in contemporary country music and in their place are real drums, real rhythm guitar and dang good fiddle. Harmonies are thick and delicious, and the addition of that signature twang and growl belonging to Travis Tritt is the honey on the cornbread.

Hot Country Knights will be releasing an entire album later this year, and if “Pick Her Up” is an indicator of the rest of the collection, there’s about to be a party.

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If you’d like to know all of the members of Hot Country Knights, check out the bios on their website as well as their YouTube page.