Dierks Bentley Spends A Boys Day Out With Son Knox in New Video for “Living” [Watch]


When Dierks Bentley needs a day out with the boys, it isn’t necessarily about the big boys. In his new music video for “Living,” his best-best bud is probably his five-year-old son, Knox.

The lyrics of “Living” remind listeners that from time to time, you have to press “pause” on the chaos that defines most people’s lives to take in all of the beauty, peace, and joy that makes life worth living. And in the music video, Dierks gets served that pause button by Knox.

Cameras follow the Bentley boys as they participate in a variety of activities, all apparently chosen by the younger of the two. And as much as it seems as if Dierks is getting a lesson on perspective and living life to its fullest, it also seems that Knox has learned a few things about charm and kindness from his famous father. He flirts relentlessly with the young woman at the counter of the “Cotton & Snow” coffee and ice cream food truck until Dad has to physically carry him away.

As fun as it is to watch father and son as they attack a day of fun with all that they have, some of the most precious glimpses into what their real lives might be come in those genuine moments between Dierks and Knox in the cab of his truck.

This is really our first time to see Knox interact with Dad and his work. The country star’s daughters, Evie and Jordan, have both sang with their proud pops and attended various events on his arm, but now Knox is in on the action and it appears that he would handily steal the spotlight…and maybe follow in his dad’s footsteps.

After all, check out those dance moves.