(Video) Dierks Bentley Went Through Every Emotion in the World Shaving Off His Mustache


Throughout his long and successful career, Dierks Bentley has rocked many hairstyles on his head and face– most recently, he went full-bearded hottie while working on his upcoming album, The Mountain.

Not long after making all the official announcements for the album release and accompanying tour, Dierks ditched the beard and went down to just a mustache. Which, mustaches are back in these days (for some people) and Dierks is hot enough to pull off any look, but he did kind of look like everyone’s hot dad, not country music’s hottest pilot.

So, you guessed it– Dierks had to shave the stache and it was not easy for him. For some reason, he did it in a public bathroom with Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” playing, but hey– whatever it takes.