Dierks Bentley Had to Wear A Penguins Jersey During His Concert In Pittsburgh After Losing A Bet To The Penguins’ Goalie

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Dierks Bentley is one of the more outspoken, die-hard Nashville Predators fans you can find. He was a staple at Bridgestone arena during the Preds unprecedented Stanley Cup run earlier this year. The Preds ultimately lost the series to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Dierks also lost: he had bet Pittsburgh goalie Matt Murray that if the Preds lost, he would wear a Penguins jersey during his concert in Pittsburgh. Bentley paid that debt in full.

Wearing the jersey no doubt endeared Bentley to the Pittsburgh audience, but also had to sting. There’s nothing like having to wear the jersey of the team that destroyed your championship hopes. As an added bonus, Matt Murray signed Dierks’ jersey, “it’s all your fault,” a chant Nashville fans regularly hurl at opposing teams’ goalies.

Bentley took it all in stride, acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

That should be a lesson to the rest of us: if you lose a bet fulfill it with gusto. It makes it more fun for everyone and proves you aren’t afraid to stand by your word.