10 Times Dierks Bentley Felt the Need To Submerge Himself in Freezing Cold Water

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With the Summer weather taking over most of the country, there is only one way to cool off. By watching Dierks Bentley take a plunge into freezing cold water during the cold winter months. 

Dierks has been doing his annual polar plunge/lake jump for years.The “Drunk on a Plane” singer kicks off every year by jumping into a freezing cold lake in Nashville. Why? To wash off the old and bring in the new, of course.

However, Dierks has graduated from winter months to anytime there is ice cold water around. And he’s gone from a huge lake to a …garbage can.

Wherever you can find ice and water, Dierks will be.If nothing else, we get to see Dierks with his shirt off.

1 . Percy Priest Lake Jump – January 2010

“Every year you think the turn out is going to get bigger but it never does,” Dierks said in the video.”This year we think were’ going to do the reverse slow march.”  Good luck with that.