Dierks Bentley Announces New Album, ‘The Mountain’ and We’re Getting Serious Tom Petty Vibes


Dierks Bentley’s mystery has a name and thy name is The Mountain, due out later this year. As obvious by the recent videos posted to social media, this album is all about exploration– artistic and otherwise.

The first sound from the record, “The Mountain,” sounds like Bentley, but also a lot like Tom Petty. Bentley recorded the album in Telluride, Colorado, which so far– it also sounds like.

Bentley told NPR, it’s going to be classic Bentley, but not. Expect big things, but also those deeply resonating and meaningful tunes, too, “I’m just trying to find ways to make it meaningful to me. It’s kinda like I want to have my cake and eat it too. I want to have a big single that sounds gigantic that you listen to on the surface and love it, but if you’re a fan, you dig deeper and go, ‘Oh, I see what he’s doing.'”

Bentley also told NPR that every record needs to be different, “Every record needs to be different. It needs to stand up on its own. I’m not from the south. I can’t make records that draw upon certain southern ideas and lifestyles and nostalgic things. I don’t have that crutch, which can be fortunate in some ways. It forces me to work a little harder, I think. If it’s a sound or an idea or a song, I need to find something that’s gonna give me the inspiration to jump off of. With this album, a lot of it [started] at Telluride, the bluegrass festival. I played a show there. Sam [Bush] and Tim [O’Brien] and Jerry [Douglas] and the [Travelin’] McCourys all got up with me. Chris Thile got up with me. It was an awesome set.”