Dierks Bentley’s Brand New “Woman, Amen” Is A Prayer About His Wife


Dierks Bentley’s first single from his recently announced, upcoming album, The Mountain, is here and it’s a different vibe, but very Bentley.

After a series of mysterious videos, Bentley announced the upcoming project which was recorded in Telluride, Colorado after a writer’s retreat inspired him to actually record there too. The first snippet Bentley introduced us to was the title track, which had a bluegrass-y, Tom Petty vibe to it. “Woman, Amen” seems to be in the same vein, but not as heavy.

The song, inspired by his wife of 12 years, Cassidy, is a love song and one that he says is actually about her, “She’s been around me too long. I’ve come back from so many writing appointments over the past 12 years like ‘I wrote this song about you’ and she’s like, ‘Just because it’s a love song doesn’t mean it’s about me.’ She can see through things… it’s really was one of my more personal songs about her and about the way I feel…a song that talks about how I’d be lost without [Cassidy].”

The tune is about all the things Cassidy brings to the table for Bentley– faith, hope, grounding, home and of course, love.

The driving uptempo track wasn’t actually written in Telluride, but Bentley says, “‘Woman Amen’ wasn’t part of that trip out there, but we were definitely still riding the high of Telluride when we were writing in the room. When I heard that title — Josh threw it out — I was like, ‘I don’t even know what that means. It just feels like something I want to say’.”

Bentley wrote the tune with Ross Copperman and Josh Kear. And that driving, pulsing groove comes from drummer Matt Chamberlain who’s played with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

[Verse 1]
I’d lose my way and I’d lose my mind
If I faced one day on my own
I know I was saved
The night that she gave this drifter’s heart a home

Every night I should be on my knees
Lord knows how lucky I am
I’ll never say near enough
Thank God for this woman, Amen

[Verse 2]
This world has a way of shaking your faith
I’ve been broken again and again
But I need all the cracks in my shattered heart
Cause that’s where her love gets in

She gives me faith
She gives me grace
She gives me hope
She gives me strength
She gives me love
Love without end
Thank God for this woman, Amen