Dierks Bentley Writes a Song for Chris Young to Perform With ACM Lifting Lives Campers


Dierks Bentely wrote a song with, like, 30 other people last week. And then Chris Young sang it.

The singer-songwriter and frequent collaborator Ross Copperman worked with the ACM Lifting Lives campers to create a song that they then recorded (and performed on) with Ross before heading to the Grand Ole Opry, where they performed the song with Chris Young.

ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp is a week-long residential program for musically talented individuals who have developmental disabilities from around the country. They wrote their own song, “I Love Big,” to the tune of Dierks’ “I Hold On” with the professional.

“It was awesome,” Dierks told One Country and various other media outlets. “You go in thinking I’m going to bring something to the table, I’m going to lift them up. Then you walk in there, ‘Oh, they’re going to lift me up.’ They inspire you so much. We wrote a great song. They had great ideas. They are way more engaged than some other songwriters.”

Watch them actually write the song: