Dierks Bentley Just Made The Most Incredible Interactive Video For The National Parks Service


Have you ever played with a 360 video on YouTube? It is the closest thing to actually being someplace. You can turn the camera around, look up, look at the ground, zoom in, and generally explore everything around you. It is the perfect way to explore a National Park and Dierks Bentley wants to show you one of the more beautiful but lesser known attractions: Crater Lake.

So, this is how the video starts:

It looks a bit wonky, the edges curved and what not, but if you click and drag you can turn around and see the view. It’s like you’re there!

Look. At. This.

Yeah, that’s behind the camera!

Then tour the park on your own.

All of these pictures are from the same freeze-frame.

Amazing. I could mess with this all day!