The Dixie Chicks Catch Up With Ellen About Blacklisting Controversy and Perform “Gaslighter” [Watch]

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They’re ba-ack! With news of new music on the horizon from the Dixie Chicks, the trio sat down with talk show host Ellen Degeneres to catch up and, in typical fashion, they were very honest when discussing the hiccup in their career trajectory.

Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer explained that they had all been busy traveling and raising babies in their time off, but much of their decision to take a break fell on Natalie’s shoulders. “We have nine kids and we’ve been raising our children,” Natalie explained. “Just when they got to the age for school and to have their own lives and their own friends, I just really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and make their lives about them and not me.”

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Martie then joked, “We wanted her to make her life about us.” She then added, “We didn’t want to stay home.” Emily then added, “I think after the whole controversy, and that feels like eons ago, we were pretty worn out. I think we needed a break. Maybe not 14 years…”

Martie then chimed in, “We needed to get mad again and have something to write about.”

Ellen then turned the conversation to the event 17 years ago when they Chicks were blacklisted for comments Natalie made about then President Bush. “So, 17 years ago, is when this happened, is when you were blacklisted for speaking out,” Ellen asked. “And how do you feel about that because now it feels like we’re in an even worse time where everybody is just…we’re living in culture now where you say the wrong thing and you’re canceled.”

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“I think we were one of the first people to feel that cancel culture,” Natalie replied. “I think what we said back then, or what I said back then, would not even be a thing today because it was really mild compared to what people say today. So, on one hand everyone has this platform where everyone can say whatever they want to say, but on the other hand this platform can move very quickly and ruin people’s lives.”

In addition to their conversation, the Dixie Chicks stepped behind the microphone to perform their newest song, “Gaslighter.”