Dolly Parton Re-Records a String Version of “Jolene” for “Dumplin'” Movie [Listen]


Dolly Parton has been tapped to help with scoring the soundtrack for Jennifer Aniston’s new Netflix movie, “Dumplin.'” One song in particular that will be featured on the album, is Dolly’s 1973 classic, “Jolene.”

But this isn’t your mama’s “Jolene.” Dolly went back into the studio to re-record the popular hit, adding strings to the score. In the new version Dolly slows the tempo down and the strings act as a character in the movie, accelerating and falling back just at the right points.

“Jolene’s been on the prowl a long time, but she just got a makeover and I couldn’t be more excited to share the new string version with y’all! 💋 Find the full version on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Amazon or just about anywhere!,” Dolly wrote on Instagram.

In addition, Dolly has previously revealed two songs also featured on the soundtrack, “Here I Am,” Dolly’s collaboration with Sia, and the heartwarming ballad “Girl In the Movies.”

“Dumplin'” will air on Netflix on Dec. 7th. and the soundtrack is available Nov. 30th. Check out the new string version here.