Dolly Parton’s Video Message to Adele Kind of Made Us Tear Up


Do you know what happens when a worldwide sensation like Adele dresses up like another global icon? The world stops for just a few minutes and everything feels like it’s going to be okay, because like the rest of us– Adele adores Dolly Parton and instead of just tweeting at her or something, she full-on dressed up like her.

Adele’s now legendary Instagram caption read, “The effortless queen of song, Dolly Parton! We love you! We wish We could possess an ounce of your ability. You were the hero of our night! A hero of my life. I’ll always love you x.”

But, here’s the thing– it was totally out of nowhere. Completely random. So, of course, it caught Dolly off-guard too. However, she was so flattered by the move, she worked up a video just for Adele and it was maybe the sweetest thing ever, “Hey! Adele likes me? I was knocked out, I was so honored, I was so flattered. I loved your outfit! I thought that was great. I think I had an outfit just like that back in the day. In fact, I thought that was a picture of me back in the day. But, I was really touched with what you said. I was really honored that you would even know me that well or like my music. So, I just wanted to thank you and say, ‘you’re making me look good!’ So, if I can have just a fraction of your fans that’ll help me– help me buy some cheaper wigs and some more clothes. Some more things. I’m going to dress like you next time. I love you!”

Now, we just need these two to actually get together.