Dolly Parton Says Her Beauty Secrets Include “Good Lighting, Good Makeup and Good Doctors”

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Over the span of her incredibly successful career, country icon Dolly Parton has become known for more than just her undeniable talent. While she’s obviously most respected and looked up to for her twangy vocals, unmatchable writing ability and enviable stage presence, another thing that makes Dolly, well, Dolly is her sensational, unique style and made-up appearance.

During a recent interview on “Today,” the 70-year-old beauty was asked what the secret is to her seemingly endless youthful glow. Shamelessly, Dolly said that “happy glow” people talk about is really just botox and her secret sauce is “good lighting, good makeup and good doctors” — LOL.

I don’t know about you, but every Dolly interview I watch makes me love her even more.

Dolly also went on to talk about her “go with your gut” mentality when it comes to business, creating records and life in general.