Dolly Parton’s CMA Speech Would’ve Been More Corny Jokes and Thank Yous, She Reveals


At the 50th Annual CMA Awards, Dolly Parton was honored with the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement award, but due to time she wasn’t able to deliver her full thank you speech.

We caught up with her backstage, where she told One Country and other media outlets what her full speech included.

“I had a lot of people I was going to thank,” Parton said. “I had a few more corny jokes. I said what I needed to say.”

She also commented on Reba McEntire’s flub on “9 to 5” during the tribute.

“I’m always missing that song, Reba ain’t the only one, and I wrote it!” she said.

And we can expect more from Dolly in the future.

“I hope they don’t think because they gave me a lifetime achievement award they think I’m done,” Parton added. “That’s not gonna happen. [laughs]”