Dolly Parton Joins For KING & COUNTRY On Anthem of Acceptance

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Most of us have seen the meme bearing the quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” from Ian Maclaren and in For KING & COUNTRY’s single, “God Only Knows,” that message of understanding and acceptance is mirrored and set to music.

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The song was originally released to Christian radio in January, but is being re-released with the addition of Dolly Parton on the track.

“When I first heard ‘God Only Knows’ I thought it was one of the best songs I’d ever heard,” says Dolly. “I came from a very spiritual background, and I love anything to do with inspirational songs that lift people up. I feel that this is a good song for right now, and it’s so well written. I know that it touched me at a time when I needed to be lifted up.”

Dolly parton for king & country duet cover God Only Knows

The duo’s Joel Smallbone adds, “Hearing Dolly sing that chorus and those words was an out of body experience for us as writers and artists. As soon as we heard her vocals on the track, we immediately realized that this song was meant for her voice.”

But Dolly took it a step further by appearing in a new music video with Joel and Luke. The video features each of the remarkable vocalists in a different vignette observing someone struggling with their own demons. However, they offer hope, acceptance, redemption and love in the lyrics:

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God only knows what you’ve been through / God only knows what they say about you / God only knows the real you /But there’s a kind of love that God only knows.