[Exclusive] Dolly Parton’s New Album Hopes to Bring Blessings and Joy During These Crazy, Dark Times

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Dolly Parton’s 43rd studio album, I Believe In You, may be labeled a children’s album, but it’s still classic Dolly. The lyrics are simple, smart and at times, funny.

About the album, Dolly told One Country, “I do it in a fun teaching way, almost like I’m Miss Dolly, their school teacher… I make it fun, but I teach them a really good lesson.”

Not to mention, Dolly thinks the songs contain messages we all need to hear right now, “I think I’ve got a lot of good messages in there and I really think this day and time, the world is so crazy and dark, I think it’s very uplifting– even for the parents. I think the whole family might get a blessing out of it– or some joy.”

I Believe In You is available now.