Dolly Parton Teaches Matt Lauer How To Become Dolly Parton

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When Matt Lauer decided to dress up as Dolly Parton for the “TODAY” show’s annual Halloween show, he enlisted the help of the only person who knows how to do it right—Dolly Parton herself.

The “I Will Always Love You” singer was more than happy to lend a hand to the morning show host as he transformed himself into her likeness. “Are you OK with this?” Matt asked.

“Am I Ok with it? I’m her to teach you how to do it,” Dolly replied. She then proceeded to pull out what we could all use, a Dolly Parton starter kit. If these kits really exist, sign me up.

The kit comes complete with all the essentials—a Dolly Parton wig, inflatable boobs, a pump in case of emergency, foundation to plaster on the face and sky high heels. The next step was to teach Matt how to walk. Dolly demonstrated her sexy swagger, explaining that it was a cross between a loaf and a sexy drag.

The finishing touches came when the country superstar added some extra hairspray to practice “safe hair’ and the piéce de résistance —the Dolly beauty mark. The result was epic.

If anyone knows how to do it up like Dolly Parton, it’s Dolly Parton.