Dolly Parton Sends Loving Message to Nashville Following Devastating Tornado [Watch]


There isn’t a lot that can help the victims of Nashville’s horrendous tornado outbreak on March 3, but hearing a sweet message from Dolly Parton is certainly a much needed balm for their tender pain.

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Dolly posted a video on her socials expressing her heartbreak to all of those who lost loved ones, their homes and businesses or who are suffering extreme damage caused by the F3 storm that ripped through parts of Nashville before heading east in the early morning hours of March 3.

In her caption, she wrote, “Praying for all those affected by the devastating storms in Tennessee and my heart is especially with the families who lost loved ones. We are all with you.”

The entertainer has business property in Nashville, as well as a residence that she occupies when in Music City, and she states that some of that did sustain damage in the 150-mph winds.

“I just wanted all of you to know that we are all with you and hope that your families ok and your properties will be able to get mended pretty soon, get your lights back on. But just wanted you to know that you are being thought of and we love you,” she said in the video. “Sorry that it all happened to all of us but hopefully you’re ok. To those that lost family members, sorry about that and our prayers are with you. So just wanted to shout out and say we’re with you.”

It isn’t surprising that Dolly was among the first to share her concerns for those who were affected by the storm. She’s already familiar with the loss that a natural disaster can cause. When wildfires swept her east Tennessee homeland, including Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and parts to the Great Smoky Mountains, Dolly immediately jumped into action launching the My People Fund and organizing a telethon to assist displaced families. Among the services they were able to provide was a six-month allowance to help with temporary living expenses.

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No fundraisers or benefits have been announced yet to help with tornado recovery, but the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is accepting donations, as well as the Red Cross.