Dolly Parton Sings the Promise of Better Days in New Song, “When Life is Good Again”

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Dolly Parton When Life is Good Again new video song
Photo by Curtis Hilbun/

Dolly Parton is a national treasure. From her award-winning music, to her entertaining film roles, to her philanthropic work, she’s an example of a life well lived and a soul well loved. At a time when our county needs it most, Dolly answers the call with a positive, uplifting and motivating new song, “When Life is Good Again.”

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A message of hope and encouragement, Dolly’s voice wraps around the meaningful verses, tenderly pleading:

We’ve been brought to our knees, / We’ve been so ill at ease, / There are no guarantees, / But you know life goes on. / This too shall pass away, / Bring new and different days, / We need to change our ways / And right our wrongs.”

As the arrangement builds to a crescendo, her sweet soprano and a choir of background singers and musicians soar into a glorious chorus of hope:

Let’s open up our hearts / And let the whole world in. / Let’s try to make amends / When life is good again.”

In the accompanying video, Dolly is seen watching old reel-to-reel footage of life’s milestones, while images of medical professionals, first responders and front line workers masked up and ready to fight the fight fade into the forefront. As she declares that life will be good again, masks are pulled away from faces and the activities we used to take for granted return to provide a backdrop of America at its best.

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Somehow, hearing Dolly sing “It’ll be alright,” seems like blessed assurance that it truly will be alright. After all, she may be the closest thing to an angel on earth we have.