Dolly Parton’s Speech at the SAG Awards Was Literally the Greatest Speech Ever

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Dolly Parton was right at home in front of scores of Hollywood A-listers at the SAG Awards and really, she was the star of the show (forget those “Stranger Things” kids everyone is obsessed with).

Parton was on hand to present longtime friend, Lily Tomlin, with the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award and before she did that she gave everyone what they wanted– some finely tune, signature jokes.

“I almost didn’t get in. They kept holding me backstage. They wanted to see my ID – or maybe it was double D’s. I wanted to get that off my chest,” started off Parton’s speech.

She also teased a “9 to 5” sequel, but said, “People have wanted another ‘9 to 5,’ but I think we’d have to call it ’95.'”

Of course, her best line was probably, “Lily’s getting an award I’ve spent my life trying to avoid … sag.”

In a world full of uncertainty, at least we know having Dolly Parton at an awards show is a sure-fire bet.